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Julie and Rick decided to start the victory couch podcast to have an outlet for their collective voices.  The victory couch is meant to be a fun and insightful landing space, where this uniquely matched couple relives their work days, parenthood, responsibilities, side projects, and faith with realism, humor and authenticity. We welcome you here on the victory couch, and hope you get something from the pod you can apply to your everyday life.


Julie Rando

Julie is a photographer, former higher ed. professional, wife, mother and proud Marylander. She is known for her creativity, ability to bring people together, and authenticity. Julie enjoys photographing families and couples, playing sports with her son, music with her dauther, rewatching old epidodes of Friends, Gilmore Girls, Food Network, and being by herself to fully recharge.

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Rick Rando

Rick is a sought after speaker, business owner, black belt master, father and husband.  He is known for his enthusiasm, wit, passion for life, generousity and leadership.  He's a marathon runner, author, and feeds off of being around fellow "fire starters."  When Rick isn't teaching karate or training up leaders, he can be found helping to coach his son's sports team or working on carpentry projects with his daughter in his workshop.

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